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The Cutbutt Story

Yes, we have a funny name and yes, there's a story behind the name.

Having finally aquiring a stallion who's looks, manners and ability fit the image in my mind, I started to gather broodmares, natural athletes, with great minds who would compliment the stallion, Cinco Reyes.

After aquiring a few mares my husband jokingly commented that every mare I bought had a scar on her butt, was that the stamp of approval? During this period we were also discussing ranch names and brands, but couldn't agree on anything.

Around the time we purchased the land to really begin setting up the ranch, a filly I had purchased to add to the broodmare band, and an especially nice daughter of Cinco's that I had planned on keeping for the broodmare band, both sliced their butts on objects known only to them and scarred themselves badly. In frustration I threw up my hands and said fine, I'll just call the place The Cutbutt Ranch and I won't need a brand.

While our name might be humorus our intent is not. It is our goal to raise and offer to the public good looking athletes with great minds. Our ranch is young, but the bloodlines that we use are decades old and have been proven time after time. At Cutbutt Ranch we are preserving the foundation bloodlines from the past, the bloodlines the AQHA was built upon, and producing the athlete with the looks, mind, and natural ability to compete and win today.

Please enjoy visiting our stallion, Cinco Reyes, and some of his offspring, on the web or here at the ranch. Feel free to drop us a line whether your looking to breed, buy or just chat.


Cora Goodwin

Cora Goodwin
9944 Gregory Rd.
Sanger, Tx 76266
United States

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